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Klipsch Soundbar 48 Review

Klipsch is a company that makes high-quality sound items for the home. The enterprise has been delivering wonderful sound to consumers for years, and their products range from newly developed unique pieces to high-end items from companies like Dolby Atmos. The products range from smaller soundbars to floorstanding speakers that deliver amazing bass. The audio equipment can be optimized for television, production, and gaming purposes.

But not every product from Klipsch is a hit. Just like other companies, sometimes a dud slips through the audio behemoth. As one of their more basic products, the Klipsch Soundbar 48 is a sound system that many are skeptical about. Is it as good as their other home audio gear, or does it fall short? This article aims to answer that very question, and delivers a comprehensive review of the Klipsch Soundbar 48.

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Briefly about Klipsch 48 soundbar


There are many benefits of the Klipsch Soundbar.

It is a versatile speaker/soundbar that can be a great asset to living rooms and other entertainment spaces… most of the time. Some of the powerful benefits of the soundbar are as follows:

  • The Klipsch Soundbar 48 is small and can fit under/near almost any T.V.
  • The soundbar can be purchased without its subwoofer companion, which makes it cheaper.
  • The Klipsch Soundbar 48 is compatible with other soundbars.
  • The soundbar, with the subwoofer, is capable of delivering good bass.

These benefits are all things that might draw consumers to the Klipsch Soundbar 48, but not everything about the product is good. While it is cheaper than other products at Klipsch, it certainly isn’t cheap. Indeed, the soundbar isn’t even meant to be a top-tier product. Rather, it is meant to be used for those who want a more successful and optimizable home audio experience.

That being said, the soundbar certainly isn’t terrible. It simply has its quirks, quirks which can be obvious or dormant depending on external factors. The downsides of the product are numerous, but they don’t necessarily make the soundbar bad. Consumers do, however, need to be aware that the system has its pitfalls.


While the Klipsch Soundbar 48 is good in some areas, it’s plagued by problems in others. There are a few things that potential customers should know before they buy a Soundbar 48. Some of the system’s negatives are as follows:

  • The Klipsch Soundbar 48 is expensive.
  • The soundbar isn’t very good without a subwoofer.
  • The Klipsch Soundbar 48 has been known to have problems with certain television sets.
  • The soundbar has been known to stop working less than 2 years after purchase (soundbars should last much longer).
  • Klipsch can be vague when it comes to setup and solutions to the soundbar’s problems.

These things aren’t simple issues. In fact, they can be serious for those who care about sound quality and expect their systems to last for years without problems.

Indeed, there are more negatives listed above than there are positives, which isn’t a good sign for the Soundbar 48. This isn’t to say that the audio device is useless; there are plenty of customers who haven’t had any issues with the product.

Unfortunately, however, there are more dissatisfied consumers than there should be with such an expensive product, especially one that comes from a company like Klipsch.

For those who are looking for a new sound system, it’s important to take the time to consider if the Klipsch Soundbar 48 is the right tool for the job. After all, that’s what sound systems should always be, first and foremost; tools for customers.

Klipsch Soundbar Quality

On the subject of quality, there is good news to report when it comes to the Klipsch Soundbar 48… kind of. The sound is good. In fact, it can get very loud. The problem, as listed above, is that the soundbar doesn’t sound very good without the speaker… and that’s a generous statement. When on its own, the Soundbar 48 has a hard time with voices and loud effects, two things that are incredibly important when it comes to audio systems.

While this might not be a problem for everyone (some people simply want loud audio), it can be annoying for those who are well versed in audio output and media technology. Indeed, there are some users who have remarked that for films and movies that require extreme bass, the Klipsch Soundbar 48 is virtually unusable. And that’s a big problem.

So, the soundbar delivers pretty good sound… but only with the subwoofer. Without it, what is supposed to be a high-end product suddenly becomes a mediocre system that can be a hard sell for serious audio enthusiasts.

Overall Judgement of Klipsch Soundbar

Overall, the Soundbar 48 is only for a very specific customer. It’s for people who have a compatible television (Roku’s seem to work), who are willing to spend the money for a subwoofer, and who won’t push the system too hard. For everyone else, the product probably isn’t the best choice. Especially when potential consumers look at Klipsch’s other audio gear, the soundbar seems to make less sense.

So, for most people, the Klipsch Soundbar 48 shouldn’t be purchased without some serious thought. With all of Klipsch’s high-quality equipment, in fact, it seems like customers would be better off spending more time and money on Klipsch’s other, more successful products… the ones that continue to serve consumers well even after years of use.

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