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Samsung 290w Soundbar Review

Samsung has been delivering quality items to consumers for years. The sound systems that the company offers are viewed by some as companions for their high-end televisions. That, however, is only part of their appeal.

Samsung soundbars are meant to last, and many people now consider Samsung audio equipment to be of paramount quality.

It would be a mistake, though, to simply believe a product is good because a company has done well in the past. Therefore, this review examines the Samsung 290w Soundbar to determine whether it’s worth buying.

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Samsung 290w

Samsung 290w Soundbar Quality

Much like many of Samsung’s other products, the 290w Soundbar isn’t built to look beautiful; it’s built to last. And, on that front, Samsung has succeeded. It is rare to find a customer who has had serious problems with their Samsung 290w Soundbar, and the materials and methods of use are exquisite.

The 290w Soundbar isn’t the best of Samsung’s products, though. In fact, it’s far from it. The soundbar, rather, is more meant for the average consumer.

At less than two hundred dollars, it isn’t an item that’s going to break the bank. That also means, though, that it has other restrictions.

It isn’t the most versatile product, meaning that it can’t fit with any T.V. as other models do. It also doesn’t deliver quite the same sound quality that consumers might experience with a different Samsung system, though it does come with a competent subwoofer.

In the end, especially considering the price of the Samsung 290w Soundbar, the quality is above what most people would expect. And that’s a definite success for Samsung. There are, of course, other benefits (and a few negatives) of purchasing the Samsung 290w Soundbar.

Pros & Cons of Samsung 290w

The Benefits

The benefits of the 290w Soundbar don’t pertain so much to the specifications of the product as they do to the overall uses.

The soundbar can be great for those who are looking for a simple, noticeable change in their sound systems. Some of the other benefits of the soundbar are as follows:

  • Cheaper than other options.
  • Has Bluetooth connections
  • The subwoofer is wireless.
  • The 290w Soundbar has two-way stereo speakers.
  • Connects using HDMI, USB, or Optical connection, which means it’s simple to set up and has less latency.
  • Well-built and lasts years for most consumers.

These benefits are immense. When considering the other benefits that come with Samsung products (ease of use with other systems and successful customer service, for example), the 290w begins to look more like a successful living room upgrade.

Unfortunately, the Samsung isn’t without faults.

As mentioned above, a bigger company is not a guarantee that a product will be great, and there are some things that potential buyers should know before they make the decision to purchase the 290w Soundbar.

The Negatives

While the negatives don’t outweigh the positives, there are some tedious things about the soundbar that people might want to note. As with a million other products on the market today, the soundbar has a few annoying quirks.

A few of the negatives of the soundbar are as follows:

  • Bluetooth doesn’t always work with other devices.
  • The soundbar works best with Samsung televisions, which can be expensive.
  • The soundbar isn’t easily maneuverable.

Again, these things certainly aren’t deal-breakers. In fact, they are so small in comparison to the positive things about the soundbar that they aren’t very important. But for those who like to get something that won’t ever have problems, this audio equipment might not be right. The better option would be to spend more money and get one of Samsung’s higher-quality systems.

But for those who don’t care so much about the little things, who are just looking for a good household tool, this soundbar might be the right choice.

Consumers would be hard-pressed to find a product on the market that is without faults, and there are some to be aware of when it comes to the Samsung 290w Soundbar, but that shouldn’t impact the opinions of the masses who are looking for a simple, quality item that can be used for years.

While every purchase needs to be made based on individual criteria, it’s safe to say that this system makes sense for a lot of people.  

Overall Judgement

At the end of the day, the Samsung 290w Soundbar is a good option for a couple of different reasons. First, and most obvious, is the price. At less than two hundred dollars it competes with other quality speakers that are much more expensive. Then there’s the system’s wireless subwoofer, which can be easily stored in living rooms or entertainment spaces to deliver a sound that feels like it surrounds the entire room.

While Samsung has audio products that are much better than the 290w Soundbar, they aren’t all so easily accessible and set up. For the many features, the quality, and the attention to detail, most people won’t have to worry that there is something better on the market.

The Samsung 290w Soundbar is more than enough to produce a vibrant audio experience that will allow consumers to feel closer than ever to their favorite television shows, movies, and games.

When its versatility is considered, as well as its track record of reliability, what more could customers want from their devices?

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